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Holly Kristen Kellett

As a BSN, RN, MSN, FNP-C, Integrative Medicine Fellow I am here as a passionate advocate and guide for those who are facing complex and confusing health issues. I am trained in a variety of healing modalities, which enables me to take a holistic and highly personalized approach to the healing of each individual. Together with my patients we focus on healing the whole person--body, mind, and spirit--so they can return to a healthy and vibrant life.

When deciding to work with me, you must know that I will take an integrative approach to your healing and help guide you to better health and a happier healthier future.  I will work collaboratively with your primary care provider and other health providers on your team.  Having served as a healthcare provider for over 20 years in the Shenandoah Valley, I have developed a vast network of talented colleagues and practitioners who can be brought in to help support your healing journey.  This could include other nurse practitioners, doctors, counselors, nutritionists, naturopaths, massage therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, herbalists, health coaches, and other energy medicine practitioners.  

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The path that led me here.

As a board-certified Nurse Practitioner I have gained practical knowledge in a variety of hospital and office care settings through the years.  I always felt that there was something missing in the care that patients received under the conventional medicine model but did not know quite how to remedy this in my practice.

Moreover, I was personally struggling with complex health issues for most of my life.  Having navigated the very broken and fragmented healthcare system for so long, there were times I just wanted to scream because I felt invisible to my health care providers. 

In 2017, I found myself hitting rock bottom, both physically and emotionally, and started researching alternative healing modalities.  This led me on a comprehensive healing journey that was nothing short of a magical, wondrous adventure towards sustainable health and wellbeing.  I now see that this adventure not only contributed to my own healing, but has impacted my path as a healthcare provider.  

It was not until I started adding complementary healing modalities to my own care regimen that my true healing started.  As a result of my first hand experience, I applied for and was accepted to attend the Integrative Medicine Fellowship through the University of Arizona.  Through this program, I learned how to provide comprehensive integrative and holistic care for my patients from leaders in the integrative medical community. 

I believe in the intrinsic healing mechanism of the human organism and viewing the whole person in all of their totality, not just the physical body which is unfortunately the way of conventional medicine.  I promote lifestyle medicine and fully acknowledge that disease can be modulated by lifestyle choices and fully support preventative care and health promotion.  

I value the practitioner-patient relationship and I aim to be your guide, your cheerleader, your health coach and your friend as we navigate the complexities of your chronic health concerns together to jump start your healing journey. 



Integrative Medicine Fellowship, University of Arizona 


MSN, FNP James Madison University


BSN, RN James Madison University


BS, Anthropology, James Madison University


Reiki Master, Awakened Wellness


Gateway I, Gateway School of Shamanism


Healing Touch Level III, Healing Beyond Borders


Soul Psychology, White Winds Institute of Integrative Energetic Medicine



"Holly Kellett has that magic combination of medical knowledge and pleasant demeanor that we all search for in a medical services provider. She takes the time to address all of my concerns fully and completely. I always leave her office feeling that I've learned a bit more about my condition, which makes it easier for me to manage. I hope to continue our patient/provider relationship for years to come as, in my opinion, she is the best!"

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