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My Specialties

Integrative Medicine consultations  make use of all appropriate therapies, both conventional and alternative, to promote health and wellbeing and prevent illness.  I will partner with you in this healing process.  Such consultations are not of a primary care nature and all clients are encouraged to maintain a relationship with a primary care provider.

Integrative Medicine
Digestive Health

True health begins in the gut, and unfortunately lots of diseases start there too.  My goal is to help pinpoint the root cause of gastrointestinal problems and give you tools to heal your gut from the inside out - avoiding prescription medications with harmful side effects whenever possible.  My passion is getting to the root cause of digestive distress and finding integrative solutions to heal.  If you are living with any of the below, I am here to help.


Leaky Gut

Celiac Disease

Food Sensitivities





Conventional medicine seems to view the body as separate individual systems, whereas integrative medicine sees the body as a whole.  The same is true with complex chronic illnesses.  To understand why one is suffering with a chronic condition the practitioner must look at the entirety of the person as a whole; mind, body and spirit.  I specialize in taking this whole body/person approach and putting the puzzle pieces together so that we can heal the root cause of your symptoms and illness. If you are living with chronic illness, I'd love to offer you support even if you do not see your particular diagnosis below.

Chronic Fatigue

Fibromyalgia + Chronic Myofascial Pain


Chronic Sleep Disorders



Autoimmune Disease


Complext Chronic Illness
Energy and Consiousness Medicine

Energy Medicine works with a model of illness that addresses the electromagnetic field (or energy field) that underlies organs and the physical structure of the body.  From this perspective, the disease process is viewed as an imbalance or block of the body’s natural flow.  Energy medicine incorporates hands on healing and other techniques that change, stimulate, add, or shift the underlying energy that is associated with the disease process.  The ailments that energy medicine seems to help most effectively are those that conventional medicine struggles to manage:  pain, anxiety, and chronic disease.

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